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What Is Snapchat Quick Add? How To Use It And Turn It Off?


Just like Facebook’s suggested friend list, Quick Add works similarly. It looks at your friends lists and provides suggestions based on connections they have in common. So, if many of your friends share a friend, that friend will appear on Quick Add because you likely know that person.

Read this article to understand what is Snapchat Quick Add.

What Is Quick Add Option In Snapchat?

There are several ways for Snapchat users to add people as friends. Contact Book, Snapcode, Username, and Quick Add are features that Snapchat offers for adding friends. We will talk specifically about the Quick Add feature in this article.

If you’ve noticed, Snapchat’s algorithms will suggest some users to you. The Snapchat quick add algorithm uses similar metrics and mutual friends to suggest new contacts.

As a result, you might say that the Quick Add option has a whole list of Snapchat users you want to interact with or are familiar with. Do you know about Facebook’s People You May Know feature? It is like that Facebook feature.

You can always find the Quick Add option between the FRIENDS and SUBSCRIPTION sections. Users tap Add if they agree with the algorithms and suggestions. A friend request is automatically sent to another user. 

This feature is convenient because users may only view the stories of their friends, and there are no public profiles to make new friends.

Snapchat users can only be identified by their unique username, which they independently design (or the Snapchat QR code).

The “Quick Add” feature was created to assist users in quickly finding friends when 

1) they do not know their username. 

2) they are not aware that they are Snapchat users.

How Do Snapchat’s Suggestions Include Quick Add Friends?

Although it helps users find friends through “Quick Add,” Snapchat does not explain how or why the suggested friends were selected. Users only get to see the names and usernames of the people in the recommendation.

Facebook at least explains in the form of the original number of mutual friends. New users may be perplexed about why Snapchat is directing them to add this person.

As a result, we’ve listed the four criteria that the Snapchat Quick Add algorithms use to find accounts that are relevant to you:

  1. Finding nearby Snapchat users based on your location
  2. Using the contacts list on your phone to get mobile numbers
  3. Recently created Snapchat accounts From Friends on a Snapchat-linked social media account.

Using The Quick Add Snapchat Friend Suggestion Feature

The steps below show how to add friends via the Quick Add suggestion box:

  • Tap the profile icon in the upper-left corner of the Snapchat app to access your profile.
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  • Locate the Friends category, scroll down and tap the Add Friends button.
  • Once there, you’ll see a list of different Snapchat Accounts on the Quick Add page.

A friend request will be sent to each user when you tap on the Add button next to their username under the category “Added using quick-add.” You can see their Snap stories and filters only once they accept you as a friend.

Can You Turn Off  Quick Add?

Although many users know of Snapchat’s Quick Add feature, they are often unaware of how it functions and how to turn it off. Snapchat users have many options for adding friends. Users can add friends by searching for them in the app’s search bar. They can also add them through their contacts or by mentioning them in Shared Stories or Snapchat stories. The platform needs users to spend more time online and wants them to interact with fresh content from users.

Friend suggestions are available to keep users on popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. As Facebook mentions on its official help page that it shows friend suggestions based on characteristics:

  • Mutual friends between users
  • Profile information like current town or city, school, 
  • Place of work
  • Users’ Facebook activity. 

Although the process uses artificial algorithms for data collection and processing, the margin of error may annoy users. A similar process exists on Snapchat, but some users can find it bothersome.

Easy Steps to Turn Off Snapchat Quick Add 

These suggestions will appear to users as usernames, display names with avatars, and the number of mutual friends. Hit the Add button on the right if they want to add the suggested Snapchat user as a friend. The user who gets the friend request on Snapchat can accept or reject it. 

The feature is somewhat comparable to Facebook’s Friend Suggestions. Quick Add can generate fantastic user recommendations, but it doesn’t always get them right. Users may see persons in the Quick Add list that they don’t know or who they don’t want to add to their Snapchat accounts.

Turning off the Quick Add option is brilliant for users who don’t want their personal information, such as usernames and avatars, to be seen as recommendations to strangers. Follow these steps to access the Settings for turning off Quick Add feature:

  1. Open the Snapchat app on their smartphone
  2. Tap on their avatar in the top left corner of the screen
  1. Then tap on the gear icon in the top right. 
  1. Under “Privacy Control,” tap the “See Me in Quick Add” option.
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  1. Tapping it and then turning off the feature will keep the user from appearing “in other Snapchatters Quick Add.”

Is Snapchat Quick Add Based on Location?

No, Snapchat’s Quick Add feature is not random. It considers your current location, contact list, online contacts, etc. Together, several other factors determine your Quick Add recommendations.

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Wrap up

You now have all the information you need to understand a Quick Add on Snapchat. In addition to knowing what is Snapchat quick add, you also understand how to control your quick add and reach:)

Use the methods you learned above to expand your audience or protect your privacy.


Is Snapchat quick add random?

The Quick Add feature on Snapchat is not random. It considers your current location, contact list, digital contacts, etc.

How does Snapchat determine your quick add? 

Quick ad feature comes from people in your Snapchat contacts who share a mutual friend with one or more of your contacts.

What does mutual friends mean on Snapchat quick add?

Your Quick Add friend suggestions will be based on your mutual friends if you share them with someone on your Snapchat friends list.