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Is Instagram Dying? What Is The Current State 2022?


A recent study found that in the last six months of 2018, the app’s monthly active user base dropped by 100 million. Several factors may contribute to this sudden fall, a concerning trend for the giant social media platform. What does this suggest for Instagram’s future?

As more and more users switch to other apps, it may appear as though Instagram is no longer relevant.

So Is Instagram Dying? Yes, but not for everyone and certainly not for the reasons you might have expected.

Is Instagram Dying?

When people talk about Is Instagram Dying in 2022  they refer to the perceived lack of growth and engagement for many accounts. Instagram is dying when many users notice a fall in their followers and interaction counts.

Thus, when people question, “Is Instagram dead?” they want to know if it’s likely that the growth and engagement rates of both them and other users will shortly continue to decline.

In the future, many more people will see a decline in their follower and engagement numbers. Also, they will find it much more challenging to create new Instagram accounts. However, this decrease is due to a factor that few experts discuss.

Instagram was created with one goal: to grab your attention.

The reason why so many more Instagram users are losing followers or stopping getting new ones may be explained by how their business model affects the platform, specifically, how it affects the growth of its users, i.e., the growth of your account.

Despite making the same claims as their parent company Facebook, Instagram is a for-profit company that exists to maximize profits for its shareholders.

Through your use of the Instagram app and other Facebook-owned apps, they can gather your attention and data. They then sell data to companies that pay them to show ads to you.

Instagram will collect and sell more of your attention and data the more you use it, maximizing profits for their shareholders. As a result, everything they do revolves around creating an app and a brand that will drive you to use Instagram as often and for as long as possible.

 Instagram algorithm surfaces only the content with the highest attention value.

They built the Instagram algorithm to keep people on the platform. 

It works by analyzing your Instagram usage data (what you look at, how long you look at it, what you type, what you search for, what you interact with, how you interact with it, etc.). It helps to determine the content that most interests you. Then, it displays that content prominently on each Instagram screen you see.

The algorithm’s design maximizes the possibility that each user would use the app for the longest possible time. It also has an unintended side effect in heavily influencing which accounts grow and which don’t.

Is Instagram Growing or Dying?

Is Instagram Dying? What Is The Current State?

Instagram: is it growing or dying? The platform may not appear to be expanding and thriving, but you still have the chance to do so. Instagram has changed over time, much like everything else, and your content should too. Learn about the algorithm and use Instagram as a tool if you are using the site for business. 

How Can You Increase Engagement On Instagram?

Is Instagram Dying? What Is The Current State?

Below we have discussed four practical ways to increase Instagram engagement for your business!

1. Be Genuine

As always, being genuine and giving them genuine value will benefit your company. This is also true amid Instagram’s removal of numerous bots and reduced automation.

You’ll stay focused on what you want to portray to potential customers. You will get an idea to interact with them if you think of your Instagram page as the equivalent of a storefront in the digital world.

Businesses should prioritize quality over quantity in this regard. We now know that many Instagram users believe the app is overrun with advertisements. So, concentrate on producing high-quality content rather than flooding the news feed with ads. Subtle ads that blend in with the newsfeed work better.

2.  Engage with your Community

You should try to engage as much as possible with legitimate people interested and active in your business community. Doing so provides a fantastic opportunity for your business’s name to become known in the industry.

As genuine followers interact with you, word will spread to related others. Engagement will probably rise along with your reach. 

3. Work with Influencers

You should try to engage as much as possible with reputable people who are active in and interested in your business community. By doing this, you are giving your company’s name a better chance to become known in the industry.

Your reach will probably grow as legitimate followers interact with you, and news will spread to similar people when they do.

4.  If you can pay!

There is no doubt that social media advertising is a pay-to-play industry for businesses.

Using a paid social strategy, you can expand your reach and engagement at a minimal cost. Many advertising options available should work for any business, regardless of how small or big. Although Instagram’s algorithm is evolving, its paid method is always prioritized. It implies that you will always follow the most recent trends if you pay to play.

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While the reason for Instagram’s sharp drop in users is unclear, various factors, such as the app’s algorithm changes and the rise of competing for social media networks, are to blame. Instagram isn’t going anywhere any time soon, either, as it still has 1 billion users. The business will probably continue to expand for a while, but if its decline persists, we might see a fall in popularity shortly.


When will Instagram die? 

Although Instagram as a company won’t die, its organic reach will.

Is Instagram a dying platform? 

No, not quite yet. The platform is undoubtedly competitive, but for content creators that use the algorithm to their benefit and provide content that people want to see, it will continue to be relevant.

Is Instagram on the decline?

Recent research highlights Instagram’s fall. Instagram is bringing more content from accounts you don’t follow into your main Instagram feed, which is the leading cause of this.