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What Does Slay Mean On TikTok: Complete Meaning And Uses in 2022


It takes quite what does slay mean on tiktok a while to take an existing word and add a new definition to it. And understanding it takes us to a whole new process of research; the word Slay is no different. 

First introduced to the Urban Dictionary in 2013, the new version of Slay made its place on social platforms like Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Internet is a place where many new words emerge. With webinars, podcasts, and more lately, a wide range of slang is drawn from people of color and LGBTQIA+. One such word is a recent favorite of zoomers and millennials on TikTok: slay.

Though our grandparents know what the actual meaning of this word is, i.e., to kill something, it’s not the same now. But to the generation of crippling TikTok addicts, it now has a much warmer, fuzzier meaning.

What Does Slay Mean On TikTok 2022

When something or someone “slays,” it means they are performing very well or are cool.

A new slang term, “slay,” means to do something well. *sees Beyonce on stage. * “wow, Beyonce slays.”. I’m not sure whether you’ve heard of the phrase “killing it,” but it means to be excellent in that regard or to own it. It’s an admiration with a bit of spice to it.

The word can also refer to your overall look. It’s a way of saying that whatever you’re wearing is “killing it.” It’s like, you look SO fantastic; you’re “slaying.”

“Slaying” might be implied in many contexts, but it mainly refers to having an awesome personality, appearing gorgeous, or being confident.

Another day, Slay says, “I’ve been slaying every day, and I’ll be slaying again today.”

How to use Slay in a sentence?

Slay sentence example

  • “Yas! Slay, queen!”
  • “Eat, Pray, Slay”
  • “I’m just Slayin.”
  • “Slay! That is, Do it! You got this!”
  • When a person laughs hard at your joke, he may say “You slay me!”
  • “Slay all day” goes for “I am incredible all day long.”
  • The “traditional” use of the word slay is to kill or beat.

For example, “I slayed the dragon.”

  • “Beyoncé did not come to this year’s Grammy Awards just to slay; she came to make a statement.”— Jackie Fields.
  • “From the red carpet to her sure-to-be epic performance, one thing is for certain—she’s gonna slay.”— Quinn Keaney.

How do you respond to slay compliments?

What Does Slay Mean On TikTok: Complete Meaning And Uses

1. “I’m grateful; you made my day.”

2. “Well, thanks – I’m blushing if you could see me!”

3. “I appreciate that you said that; it was very kind of you.”

4. “Thanks a lot. I appreciate your (insert a personality trait).

Can You Say Slay to a guy?

Does it seem strange that men use this word? In this context, “slay” refers to someone doing well. This can also be said if they are dressed nicely that day. And anyone, regardless of gender, can use it.

The origin of the word

Today, to “slay” means to strongly impress someone, to dress stylishly, or make a significant and deliberately over-the-top statement. Examples would be making a terrific impression on someone or entering a bar wearing an expensive jacket, which would be a “slay.”

It dates back to the 1800s for using the word “slay.” A wise lady once said, “I slay all day.” Beyoncé was that lady. She showed how to get in “Formation” videos for her 2016 song. Even though we will always be grateful for what she did for culture, she wasn’t the first to use the term.

According to historians, the word “slay” originated in Germany and came to be used in the 1800s. It was in the late 1920s that the term came back in style.

The context in which the word “slay” is currently used was created by the intersectionality of minority communities. The word was widely used in the 1970s and 1980s, founding queens of ball culture, many of whom were Black and brown.

The term was even more frequently associated with LGBTQ+ culture after the publication of Paris Is Burning. It is a documentary about drag queens living in New York in the 1990s.With this information in mind, feel free and continue to slay the day.

8 Abbreviations in English You might be interested in

Now let’s look at some abbreviations as well.

Ever wonder what a group of letters means when you see them together? Here are 8 examples of terms or phrases that are frequently abbreviated on TikTok:

Fr = for real

This expression can check whether a statement is genuine or accurate.

POV = point of view

You can express your views using this expression.

Rn = right now

This well-known TikTok expression can highlight that something is occurring now.

Rt = retweet

This phrase shows agreement with someone else’s viewpoint.

Smh = shaking my head.

With this expression, you are showing agreement.

Sus = suspicious

This word abbreviation from TikTok conveys the idea that you do not believe something.

Tbh = to be honest

This abbreviated TikTok phrase is meant to express your viewpoint without offending others.

Tfw = that feeling when 

On TikTok, this word is used to express a feeling visually.

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The final word

Your command of the basic slang can make or break your credibility as a seemingly cool human in a society dominated by meme culture.

We hope this guide to what does slay mean on TikTok is helpful to you! Tbh everybody is using this slang, and the terms are becoming more and more common. For that, you must know what they mean and how they are used Fr. 

Initially, you may find them complex, but ultimately you will use them like a pro. No cap. Want to know more about TikTok slang? Check out this piece.


What does slay mean on social media? 

The word “slay” is not meant to be particularly vile when used on social media. It provides the speech with a distinct, high-grade expressiveness. Slay is a word that describes someone who is doing a good job or who is a wonderful person. Being the best of the best is to “slay.”