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How To Mass Delete Snapchat Friends All At once 2022: Guide


On Snapchat, having many friends or random friends is not cool since you will receive many messages and unwanted snaps. Likewise, you might want to delete some Snapchat friends to save time.

But Snapchat does not offer a feature that enables you to choose and unfriend multiple friends at once. 

Nonetheless, we have put together some methods below to help you out. This article will lead you through the different approaches to Mass Delete Snapchat Friends if you accidentally added too many of them.

How to delete multiple Snapchat accounts     

You cannot Mass Delete Snapchat Friends using any in-app options. However, you can delete each friend from the list one at a time until you’ve removed them all, or you can delete your account. Let’s discuss each process by one:

Method 1: Manually Delete Friends On Snapchat

Even though the process is manual and may take some time, it can be completed without too much difficulty.

But first, be sure you want to remove all your Snapchat friends. You may have needed a lot of time to make all those friends and increase your streaks. Therefore, keep in mind that after you Mass Delete Snapchat Friends, you won’t be able to recover their data again.

Follow the instructions step by step.

The Snapchat app is available on the App Stores of both Android and iOS, and both apps work in the same manner. Therefore, you might not have much trouble doing it on either app if you decide to delete every Snapchat friend manually.

There are two methods for doing this:

• Delete Snapchat friends from your friend list.

• Delete your friends from the chat list.

  1. Mass Delete Snapchat Friends From The Friend List

To manually remove every person from your Snapchat Friend List, follow the instructions below on Android and iOS.

Step 1. Open Snapchat.

Step 2. Go to your profile

In the top left corner of the main page, select your profile. 

How To Mass Delete Snapchat Friends All At once 2022: Guide

Step 3: Go for “My Friends”

Scroll down and go for “My Friends” once you are on your profile. 

Step 4: Enter the Name of Your Friend

A search box is located at the top where you have to write your friend’s username.

Step 5: Select Your Friend’s Profile

Press the profile link after clicking on your friend’s username.

Step 6: Click The Three Dots

You will notice three dots just to the upper left of the screen. On the three dots, click.

How To Mass Delete Snapchat Friends All At once 2022: Guide

Step 7:Remove the Friend

Scroll down and select “Manage Friendship.” Go for “Remove Friend”. It will request confirmation. If you are sure you want to delete it, choose “Remove,” else tap “cancel” to end the process.


Step 8: Done

You’re all set. 

Stick to these easy instructions to remove multiple friends from Snapchat one at a time. You can delete your Snapchat friends and stop receiving spam snaps and messages.

2. Mass Delete Snapchat Friends From Chat List

If you chat with that friend on your Snapchat account, you can also delete the friend from the chat list, and the step is straightforward. To do so,

Step 1. Open Snapchat.

Step 2. Go for the  “Message icon”  in the bottom.

How To Mass Delete Snapchat Friends All At once 2022: Guide

Step 3. Now, find the Chat with your friend.

Step 4. Open the Chat

Step 5. Tap on the Profile icon of your friend.

How To Mass Delete Snapchat Friends All At once 2022: Guide

Step 6. After that, tap the “three vertical dots” option.

How To Mass Delete Snapchat Friends All At once 2022: Guide

Step 7. Tap Manage Friendship and Remove Friend.

How To Mass Delete Snapchat Friends All At once 2022: Guide

Method 2: Deactivate or Delete Your Snapchat Account

You won’t find any feature to remove your Snapchat account in the settings section of the mobile app for Snapchat. You can remove a Snap account, but you must do so through a web browser. 

Step 1. Open a web browser and go to accounts.snapchat.com to log into your Snapchat account.

Step 2. Go to “Manage My Account.”

Step 3. Click Delete My Account.

On the next screen, complete the blanks with your login information and click Continue.

You’ll see a notification informing you that your account is being deactivated on the following page.

After deactivating your Snapchat account, you must wait 30 days before completely deleting it. When the period is over, your account will be permanently deleted.

Also, remember that:

  • You’ll lose all your Snapchat contacts, even your best friends.
  • For 30 days and probably forever, your friends won’t be able to message or connect with you on Snapchat.
  • Your device data, location data, friends, Snaps, Chats, Story, and account settings will all be erased.

This is advised for anyone who wishes to create a new Snapchat profile while keeping their current email address and username without making a new Snapchat account.

Watch this Youtube video for a better understanding of every step.

How to remove multiple friends on Snapchat at once 2022: Snapchat friend remover bot

You can delete all of your friends at once using third-party apps. 

Using clever tactics, the Friend Remover Bot can separate inactive friends from your Snapchat friend list.

Knowing the various Snapchat cleanup apps will enable you to delete friends from your Snapchat friend list. These are:

  1. Snapchat Unfriend App (APK): The app can be used with Android phones. It must be downloaded straight from the internet because it is not yet listed on Google Play Store.
  2. Friend Remover Bot: This app is available in the web version and can also be found in the App Store.
  3. Snapchat Friends Cleaner
  4.  Caption Remover From Snapchat – IOS: To use it on iOS devices, you can download the app from the App Store.

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You cannot bulk remove two or more buddies from Snapchat. You need to follow the above instructions to delete one friend at a time. Unfortunately, the procedure is the same whether you want to remove two, ten, or twenty friends from your account.

Only if you entirely deactivate your Snapchat account will this not happen. Technically, this is the fastest way to delete all your Snapchat friends at once, but your username, Snaps, and chats will also be deleted.
We hope this article helped you find out How to Mass delete Snapchat friends.