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How To Repost On TikTok/a Complete Guide 2022


Ever wonder how to repost on TikTok in 2022? Well, you’ve come to the right place since this article will provide you with a detailed and clear guide on how to do it.

Since the end of 2021, TikTok has been testing a new Repost feature that has only recently been available to all app users. You might have noticed the new “Repost” button in your Share option or been asked to “Repost” a video on your For You Page.

The steps for reposting the videos that spark your interest are rather simple. All you need is to follow the guideline below.

But what exactly does Reposting on TikTok mean? How do you do this?

Keep reading, and we will break it to you.

What is the TikTok Repost Button, And How To Repost On TikTok 2022?

Before, TikTok lacked an official way for users to repost videos; instead, users had to download the video first, then upload it again to TikTok, which sometimes resulted in a copyright warning.

Users can now safely share other people’s content on TikTok due to the new report option added to the TikTok app.

Like Twitter’s “Retweet” feature, the TikTok “Repost” button lets you share content, giving credit to the original creator. However, unlike a Twitter retweet, a TikTok repost sends the reposted video to your friends’ “For You” feeds and doesn’t show on your profile.

Now, instead of just liking, commenting, and moving on whenever you see a TikTok that you like or find useful, you can choose to repost it.

Currently, there are three options for reposting a TikTok. 

Let’s discuss them one by one:

How to Repost on TikTok

Reposting a video on TikTok is quite simple due to the Repost button. Check out these simple steps to repost a video on TikTok below:

Step 1 Select the video you wish to share with the repost button in the TikTok app on your phone.

Step 2 hit the Share button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 3: Go to the Send to Pop-Up menu now, and tap on the new “Repost” option next to your contacts.

How To Repost On TikTok/Complete Guide 2022

Step 4 The Reposted content then show up; this is where you may add caption text for the Repost.

Save the TikTok Watermark-Free and Repost

You can also download a watermark-free version to share on other platforms. It is a great option if you have TikTok content that you want to use for Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts. Removing the watermark before sharing as a Reel is generally a good idea. It is essential since Instagram, in particular, actively penalizes users.

You can use browser-based video editing software Kapwing for this example.

For the TikTok you want to share, copy the link. Go to Kapwing.com and paste the link into the upload screen’s accessible box.

Kapwing will post your video without having the TikTok watermark.

Select the file type and resolution options before hitting the Export button. Now that your TikTok is watermark-free, you may download it and share it on any of your other channels.

Note: You should only use this method with content that you own. Always leave the watermark on if the TikTok was created by someone else so that you may give them credit when you share.

You may now share TikToks on your other platforms, whether you want to repost them within the app to promote more of the content you want to watch. 

How Can I Repost a TikTok to a Different Platform

Reposting on TikTok is an excellent way to promote app content that you think should be seen by more users. But it’s only for sharing within the app.

You can use the following approach to share a TikTok on another app, such as Instagram or Twitter:

It is a great option if you want to share a TikTok because you thought it was funny or interesting but don’t own the content. From the Share menu, you may choose to share directly to multiple platforms—including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, and more.

You can credit the video’s original creator by keeping the TikTok watermark intact.

How to Undo Repost on TikTok

Although some users have found the new feature beneficial, others complain that it always lets them share videos they didn’t intend to share. It can be pretty annoying.

If you want to remove or delete Repost on TikTok when you repost something accidentally, you can undo the Repost on TikTok with simple clicks.

First, tap the Share button and select the “remove repost” option. A pop-up will appear; choose “remove” to delete the report from your TikTok account.

What Does Reposting a TikTok Do?

When you repost a TikTok for the first time, the app will show a half-screen message explaining what Repost is and what it does. 

Essentially, it’s another way for you to share TikToks with your friends and followers. A repost directs TikTok to display that video in your friends’ and followers’ FYPs rather than sharing it directly via DM or an external link.

Reposting content gives it an algorithmic boost and endorsement.

How to comment on a repost on TikTok

You’ll alternately see the words “You reposted >” and a button that says “Add Comment” next to your profile picture. The comments section will open when you click on either. Anybody who views your report can see your comment if you add it.

Why can’t I repost on TikTok 2022?

If you cannot repost on TikTok, either the app hasn’t been updated, or you have deactivated the Repost feature in the settings. Ensure the Repost option is turned on and you are using the app’s most recent version. Here it is also worth mentioning that you can only repost videos on your “For You” feed.

Wrap Up

You now have a guide on how to repost on TikTok. Repost any interesting TikTok videos on your favourite list to make them accessible to others. Enjoy!

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How do I enable Repost on TikTok? 

Tap Profile on the TikTok app.

In the top right corner, tap the three stacked lines icon.

Select Settings and privacy > Privacy next.

by scrolling down you can find the Repost.

Turn on Video reposts lastly.

Why can’t I repost on TikTok anymore? 

If you aren’t able to repost on TikTok, either you haven’t updated the app or you have disabled the Repost feature in the settings.

Did TikTok remove Repost?

Not every TikTok video has the option to Repost. You can only use this feature to share videos with your followers that you find on your “For You” page at this time.