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How Effective Is Exercise to Decrease Anxiety Level of Students

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Anxiety is the most prominent part of a student’s nature. Depending upon anxiety level, there are several functional disabilities. Most often, the students feel anxiety due to irritation especially when writing a dissertation. The common cause of irritation may vary from one setting to another. Still, a brief list of other important causes of student’s anxiety includes;

  • Stress of upcoming exams
  • Fear of failure
  • Inferiority complex
  • Period academic failure
  • Inability to cope with academic stress
  • Agoraphobia

To deal with anxiety disorders in students, psychologists suggest the following therapies;

  1. CBT
  2. Attention bias modification
  3. Hypnosis
  4. Psychodynamic therapy
  5. Vagus nerve stimulation

According to psychologists, the most suitable treatment is CBT. But not every student suffering from anxiety needs to be the subject of CBT or other therapies. Sometimes, we can treat anxiety disorder by changing the life style. In all of the anxiety decreasing hacks, physical exercise has remarkable effects. Let’s see how effective is an exercise for decreasing the anxiety level of students;

Effect Of The Physical Exercise To Decrease The Anxiety Level Of Students

Yes, it is possible to decrease the anxiety level of students through exercise. This is because exercise is the leading cause of decreasing stress. And stress is the leading cause of anxiety. So to cater to the anxiety problem, both physical and mental exercise can help students the most.

As per ADAA online poll instruction, about 14% of people adopt exercise for dealing with stress. In addition to this, exercise is the most reported solution for student anxiety. The students who adopt exercise as a habit added that they’re on the right track for dealing with anxiety. The physical exercises that help in decreasing anxiety include the following;

  1. Walking
  2. Jogging
  3. Yoga
  4. Running

Exercise and Endorphins

The reason behind the claim that exercise decreases anxiety can be proved by the following fact;

The sound body upholds a healthy brain.

This claim is true. Exercise increases the level of Endorphin in the brain. This is because endorphin is a natural pain killer. It maintains the sleep cycle, and improves the mental health of students. A good sleep cycle inhibits the release of stress-causing hormones. Hence, in this way, exercise can sort the most prominent cause of anxiety-stress.

Exercise Improves Mental Health

Exercise improves mental health by reducing depression and negative emotions, as well as improving self-esteem and cognitive functions. In a study, the scientist observed schizophrenia patients for signifying the impact of exercise on mental health. These patients already have the risk of obesity. Another risk contains anti-psychotherapy, especially over-the-counter neuroleptics. For example, patients with schizophrenia who participated in a 3-month exercise program experienced improved weight gain. They showed the following characteristics;

  • Increased Tolerance
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Increased energy levels of upper body
  • Increased Arm strength

So this study suggests several mental, as well as physical benefits that can help decrease the anxiety levels too. You can also go for a online social skills training that can decrease the anxiety and improves the mental health.

Exercise Improves Stamina To Take On The Challenges

Hard physical exercises help students improve stamina. In such exercises, they often practice how to cope with the challenges. They learn to stand with a load even greater than their strength. In this way, they reshape their body by taking a series of challenges during outdoor activities. The strong and increased challenge taking abilities also have a positive effect in decreasing the anxiety level too.

Exercise Increases Blood Supply Towards The Brain

One of the reasons why exercise decreases anxiety is that of blood flow. Studies showed that exercise increases blood pressure and blood flow in the body, including the brain. In addition, more blood means more energy and oxygen, making our minds perform better. Hence, oxygen supply to neurons through the blood positively affects neurons’ lifespan. Fewer neurons will die with increasing blood supply. So better mental performance will decrease the exams related tension which is also a cause of anxiety in students.

In conclusion, we proved the effectiveness of exercise in decreasing the anxiety level in students by stating the following facts;

  1. Exercise improves sleep patterns that help with effective learning, and the decrease in anxiety.
  2. Exercise improves mental health by improving blood supply towards the brain.  

Apart from scientific facts, it improves the mood and challenge taking abilities to decrease anxiety in the students.

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