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Why we should consider donating Israel?


Even though people are hopeful again, the COVID-19 crisis has hurt Israel’s health, way of life, and well-being. Now that we’ve seen how bad things are, many of us feel like we should do more than just stay away from other people and wear masks to stop the outbreak from spreading. Every year, more and more families are having trouble meeting their basic needs. Because of how bad the problem is, other non-profits must pitch in to help. We should step up and help Israel by giving them money. Anyone can give money, even if it’s only $5 or $200. Besides, 21% of the people who live in Israel live below the poverty line. We should come forward and donate to Israel. Even though the government of Israel has programs to help the poor, many families in this percentage still struggle to get food and other basic needs.

Let’s rebuild Israel together 

A lot of people, like Holocaust survivors, soldiers who are on their own, people with depression or emotional stress, people with money problems, and many others, feel alone or have trouble dealing with life normally. With a donation to Israel through Meir Panim, you can make a difference in many different ways and in many different parts of Israeli society. For Israeli charities like Meir Panim to be successful, civil society needs to help them and give them money. Let’s all come together and give money to help Israel.

Join Meir Panim and donate to Isreal 

Meir Panim is Israel’s largest assistance network to help needy people. The organization strive to help our local community and poor people without affecting their dignity or self-respect. Sadly, many Israeli families are struggling to provide for their children’s basic needs due to poverty, hunger, and many other issues. Meir Panim is to ensure that your donations reach those who deserve them. The members work very hard to make a positive impact on the lives of the Israeli people by improving their quality of life.