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Why choose preserve roses for wedding bouquet?


Choosing the best preserved roses is not an easy task but it is important. Remember that preservation means peace of mind and not just blooming beauty. In this blog, you will be able to read about why selecting preserved flowers over artificial ones are so crucial to your beautiful wedding boutique.

The Importance of Preserved Rose

When you choose preserved, delicate roses for your wedding boutique, you’re sending a message that you care about the environment and the quality of your flowers. A real rosebush will last anywhere from six to twelve months before it begins to wilt, but artificial flowers can last anywhere from one to three years. By using preserved roses, you’re signaling that you’re serious about your unique wedding vision and that you’re committed to sourcing top-of-the-line flowers.

In addition to looking nicer, artificial flowers often have a cheaper price tag. This is because artificial flowers are made from synthetic materials instead of natural ones, which can be much more expensive. Roses are also a big expense; if you want to use 100 roses in your design, that’s going to cost you a pretty penny! Consider opting for artificial flowers if budget is your biggest concern.

However, there are many reasons why you might want to choose preserved roses over artificial flowers for your wedding boutique. Here are three of the most important reasons:

1) You Can Use Preserved Roses Any time of the Year

Artificial flowers come in only a few colors and flower types and do not tend to look beautiful when they are more colorful than your wedding style. Preserved roses could be used any time of the year because with their strong smell and color, it will make the floral gift stand out among real flowers at a better rate.

2) The cost of buying your own flowers

Glamfleur has a budget of $25 for 100 stems of preserved flowers. For a day before or even after your wedding day, travel from one side of the country to another is not budget friendly as it would cost you a lot over days. Do not spend extra on flowers; instead, make use of preserved roses for their longevity and long service life especially when you can shop forever roses in a box within your budget.

3) The choice is wide

We do our best to select suitable flower bouquets for you so that you will not sacrifice the quality of your choice. You can have the perfect bouquet or bridal bouquet in any color or design you like. You can also opt for different colors to match your own mood as well.


How to Select the Best Preservation Process

Choosing the right preservation process is essential to ensuring that your roses arrive in perfect condition on your big day. There are a variety of preservation methods available, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

The three main preservation methods for roses are: direct sun drying, cold storage, and artificial cryopreservation. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Direct Sun Drying

This is the most popular preservation method for roses, and it involves placing the flowers directly into the sun. The heat from the sun dehydrates the flowers, which preserves them. This method is best for flowers that don’t need any additional protection, such as mini roses or single variety roses.

 Cold Storage

Cold storage preserves roses by freezing them. This method is best for flowers that need extra protection, such as grand dozen or double-lined blooms. It also works well for long-stemmed varieties or those with many petals. Because cold storage takes up space, it’s not ideal for large bouquets.

Artificial Cryopreservation

Cryopreservation is a less popular preservation method for roses, but it’s becoming more popular due to its many benefits. Cryop reservation is good for roses that are delicate or have a stigma that may fail to form. This method employs artificial freezing to prevent cells from deteriorating, a process known as apoptosis. The petals lose their color and drop off the flower when used for display purposes. This type of cryopreservation also works well for bulbs, hybrid irises and other tropical varieties.



Choosing preserved, delicate roses over artificial flowers for your wedding boutique can not only add an element of class and distinction to your shop, but it can also be affordable. After all, artificial flowers tend to last only a few days before needing to be replaced, while those from a rose preserver will likely last up to two weeks. With such a long lifespan, the cost per flower is much lower when using preservation methods over synthetics. Not to mention, choosing preserved roses also ensures that organically-grown roses are being used in your shop – something you might feel more proud of than shop forever roses sourced from overseas.