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What Is Rate Limited On Twitter? How To Avoid It 2022?


“Sorry, you are rate limited. Please wait a few moments then try again.”

Not only does it sound confusing, but it’s also an error you can’t control like Twitter servers are down or your Wi-Fi just straight up failing. It’s one of the most frustrating Twitter errors you can ever receive.

You’re not the only one experiencing weirdness with Twitter.com, the apps, or Tweetdeck. We have also seen these rate limit exceeded messages. A Twitter spokesperson addressed the issue and claimed that the team is working to fix the problem. 

But what is rate limited on Twitter exactly, though? Let’s find out in the article below:

What is Rate Limited on Twitter and What Causes It?

What Is Rate Limited On Twitter? How To Avoid It?

The Twitter API receives requests from thousands of developers every single day. Limits are placed on the number of requests that may be made to help manage the sheer volume of these requests. These restrictions enable Twitter to provide the reliable and extensible API that their developer community requires.

The maximum number of permitted requests is Based on a time interval, some specified time, or a window of time. The fifteen-minute request limit interval is the most common. If an endpoint’s rate limit is 900 requests every 15 minutes, then 900 requests are permitted over any 15-minute interval.

But, if Twitter thinks you’ve been using Twitter for a while, you can get into this problem. This approach is used to reduce spam on the platform. Additionally, one may say that the technique was created to prevent server overload and regulate Twitter API.

This has an easy mechanism. Twitter keeps track of how frequently you use its services during a given time frame, whether you use many services in a short period or spend a lot of time tweeting.

How Long Does Rate Limit Last on Twitter?

Depending on the authentication method you choose, rate limits may be applied. For example, if you use OAuth 1.0a User Context, you will have a limit per time period for each set of users’ Access Tokens. In contrast, if you use OAuth 2.0 Bearer Token, you will have a separate limit per time for requests made by your app. An error returns if these limits are exceeded. 

Twitter’s rate limit typically lasts for fifteen minutes. You can return to your account and refresh once the allowed fifteen minutes have passed. It will enable you to run your account just like usual again. 

You will see the message “Please come back later” on your screen if you attempt to log into your account before this timeout period is over. It suggests that you may need to wait a bit longer for the limitations on your account to be removed.

Continue reading for more information on these specifics and some tips to avoid rate limitations.

The rate limit exceeded twitter 2022

Now that you know why Twitter sets this “rate limit exceeded message,” it’s high time you learn how to fix it. 

Twitter rate limit exceeded the solution

Thankfully, there are some approaches to get away with the dreaded “rate limit exceeded” message. The Twitter API limit is something that Twitter enforces, and all third-party apps like TweetDeck simply have to comply. 

Sadly, if you have run into a problem, there is no way to solve it. But you can surely avoid it in the future by following the procedures we’ve outlined below to try to avoid exceeding the API limit:

  • Make sure you are only using one Twitter application at a time, if possible. You must be sure that no third-party Twitter apps are active on your device, even if you don’t use any.
  • You must be familiar with the fundamentals of how many API calls each operation requires. A page refresh, for instance, can need up to 3 API calls. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid this operation. Different operations take different API calls.
  • You might see a reset time on the screen of any third-party Twitter apps you use. You’ll need to keep track of it. You won’t be able to do anything on Twitter in the meantime. Nevertheless, you can still post messages if you so choose.
  • Remember to reduce API calls by roughly 60% as well. Although this can delay the updates, it will also save you from making future API calls that are too high.
  • Now, if the rate limit exceeded message appears on your screen, you must look for the reset time on the application’s screen. You won’t be able to use the application during that reset period or get any updates. Other than this, you won’t get a response if you choose to post a message
  • Finally, you can try to change the password for your Twitter account. Although this approach may not always work in your favour, you can still try it.


On the device screens, many active Twitter users report seeing the error message “sorry, rate limited.” As their screen freezes, people become confused and anxious and worry about what to do next.

You should be aware that Twitter enforces a rate limit to lessen spam on the platform.

I hope this post was helpful to you in addressing what is rate limited on Twitter and how to avoid it.

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Why is Twitter saying I’m rate-limited?

Twitter rate limit messages result from an error, not your bad tweets. There is an issue with the service’s internal backend.

What does it mean when it says rate limited?

One method of controlling network traffic is rate limiting. It restricts the number of times someone can take a specific action—like trying to log into an account—in a given period. Rate limitation can help in preventing particular types of dangerous bot activity. Also, it helps ease the load on web servers.

What does it mean to be limited on Twitter?

Your followers might only be able to see your Twitter activity—including Tweets, likes, and Retweets—if you’ve received a message saying that your account features are limited.

How long are you rate-limited on Twitter? 

The fifteen-minute request limit interval is the most common. If an endpoint’s rate limit is 900 requests every 15 minutes, then 900 requests are allowed over 15- minutes.