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What Does Instagram User Mean In DMs 2022? Am I Blocked?


On Instagram, do you notice the name Instagram User? This is seen in a few places, of which your Instagram DMs (direct messages) come first.

It’s possible that you won’t be able to see someone’s Instagram username if you open a chat with them. Instead of their username or name, it will read “Instagram User.” Also, the title “Instagram User” is displayed when you visit someone’s profile.

This article will explain what does Instagram user mean in DMs and whether the individual has blocked you.

What Does Instagram User Mean in DMs? 

What Does Instagram User Mean In DMs? Am I Blocked?

Your quick answer to what Instagram users mean on Instagram lies in one of these things:

  • Either the person has permanently deleted his account.
  • The person has temporarily deactivated his account.
  • The person has blocked you.
  • There is a rare case in which Instagram temporarily bans an account. The ban could be due to some suspicious activity by the user. Also, you can see this tag on their profile.

Instagrammer VS Instagram User in Chat

When someone has temporarily deactivated or permanently deleted their account, you might see the “Instagrammer” or “Instagram User” tag instead of their real profile name. The same is true when someone has blocked you.

Let’s dig in and find out what does Instagram users mean in DMs.

  1. The User Has Deleted Their Account

When a person deletes their account, you will see their name labelled as Instagram User when you open your chat with them.

Nevertheless, you will still be able to see the previous chat with your friends even after they have deleted their accounts. But you will see the tag ‘Instagram User’ instead of their real name.

Your text will be sent if you try to contact them by sending a message. But that will be no use since the person you are trying to reach deleted their account.

2. The User Has Deactivated Their Account

Another common reason is the person has temporarily deactivated their account, if not permanently.

Most of the time, scrolling through social media apps can be exhausting, and people want to take a break. Instagram provides temporary deactivation of the account. 

With this feature, you can avoid the social media hustle without getting your account permanently deleted. Also, you can access all your data after logging in again. 

You will still be able to read the old conversation if someone temporarily deactivates their account. The only difference will be that their profile will be labelled as ‘Instagrammer or Instagram User’.

If you send them any Message, it will remain undelivered. They will only be delivered once they activate their account by logging in again.

3. Instagram Has Banned Their Account

Every social media platform has some rules and regulations, and Instagram is no exception. The app has its terms and conditions, violation of which will lead to the suspension of the account.

If someone breaks these rules, their Instagram account will be banned. Usually, the ban happens when someone reports the content posted by that user. But Instagram’s algorithm has specific keywords that trigger automatic action.

How long Instagram issues a ban depends on the severity of the violation. Mostly, suspensions last 48 hours or, in some cases, for a month. Instagram rarely gives a lifetime ban, except for some harassment or violent threats; you are likely to back on the app with a warning.

4. The Person Has Blocked You

There are chances the person has blocked you if their profile says ‘Instagram User.’ That being said, it is one of the most common reasons for seeing the name “Instagram User”.

When someone on Instagram blocks you, you won’t be able to :

  • Message them
  • Find their profile
  • Find their posts on stories

Therefore, if you cannot find their profile, posts or stories, there are many chances that you are blocked by the person.

How to find out who an “Instagram User” is?

What Does Instagram User Mean In DMs? Am I Blocked?

To check precisely who that “Instagram user” is, go to your DM and check all the msgs with the “Instagram user” tag. 

Open the chat and go through messages and see if you can identify the profile you are looking for. You will be able to recognize that particular person if you recently had a conversation together. But if the chat is from way back, it may be challenging to identify them.

If you cannot identify an Instagram account that has blocked you, don’t worry; we have your back. There are many third-party apps that you can check on your App store (iOS) or Play Store (Android). These apps will help you find who has blocked you on Instagram.

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It’s A Wrap

You can see the name “Instagram User” in place of the person’s actual Instagram username or name. Some users find this confusing because it appears that Instagram is down for some reason. 

This is not true because the person has probably blocked you or they have deactivated their account.

If you recall who sent you the messages, you can find out who that “Instagram User” is.

We hope this article helped you find out What does Instagram user mean in DMs.


Does Instagram user mean deleted?

Yes, the most common reason you see “Instagram User” rather than a user’s username is that they have temporarily or permanently deleted their account.

Additionally, suppose you try to message a user on Instagram. In that case, the message won’t be delivered because the person has either deleted their account or has permanently deactivated it, in which case their account doesn’t exist until and unless they reactivate it.

Does Instagram user mean blocked or deactivated?

No, it doesn’t always mean that someone has blocked you when you see “Instagram User” or “Instagrammer” in place of their username.

However, if you search for someone and can’t see their profile, or if you can’t view their posts, followers, or the following count

Usually, when someone deletes or temporarily deactivates their Instagram account, the “Instagram User” tag appears.