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Tips to Choose a Music Keyboard: For Beginners


An excellent keyboard is a great asset to an artist. And for a beginner, a beginner keyboard would suit well. It is an ideal instrument to kickstart their passion or career in the music industry. In addition, a beginner’s music keyboard will help the person get more accustomed to the keys, and one can practice well using them.

These keyboards are light enough to carry around and transport through vehicles, and it teaches the students the best skills for students and makes them eligible to transfer to full-size pianos. It will be an incredible feat to own a beginner’s keyboard and start the journey from there.

The first step towards learning the keyboard is buying it, lol. It’s true, and many struggles to find the proper and professional keyboard for them. However, you can be semi-professional and still forget about the significant points about buying a keyboard.

The article will list the points one should remember while they go music keyboard shopping. If buying a new keyboard is in your mind right now, read on and understand how you can find one and decide whether it is worth buying.

Points to remember while you shop for a keyboard:


It describes how the keys of the piano or keyboard react/respond to the touch. The model’s action differs in firmness and resistance as each keyboard is slightly different. The type of keys that are easy to push in the unweighted keys and traditional piano keys respond with more depth.

MIDI compatibility

MIDI is the abbreviation for “musical instrument digital interface,” a typical electronic instrument language that lets instruments “speak” to each other by sending and receiving signals. It is not an essential feature in a keyboard, but if the student is interested in electronic music, it will be an added advantage.

Computer connectivity

Several manufacturers offer this feature in their new keyboards. With the increase in editing and fine-tuning via software, the new generation of musicians needs to connect their music instruments to the computer. Undoubtedly, computer connectivity will become a necessity in the future.

Recording features

If you have the MIDI and computer connectivity, recording and sampler options are easy to get. The person or student can compose their music effortlessly.


The storage option is great for students who need to record or save their music compositions. It is beneficial for them, as they can hear the music they created, learn from their mistakes and analyse their progress. In addition, it is the best way to learn via music keyboard.


Audio input is rare in most cases and always uses MIDI when possible. Keyboard output is a more important feature as it lets them use amps and recording equipment.


The sound of the keyboard is the crucial part, especially for beginners. While shopping for the keyboard, you will see that the keyboards of top brands produce the same sound that a real full-size piano does.

Keyboard size

A keyboard with the proper and weighted piano keys is usually the best keyboard to learn piano for adults. These keyboards have fewer sound opinions. One can say that the size of the keyboard is also a preference for many. Small and unweighted keys are better as they have more sound functions.

These are the points one must remember while shopping for a new keyboard.