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Tech Staffing: Expectations vs. Reality


Technology is at its golden era today with the best of innovations, gadgets and resourceful employees that drive this industry forward. Without technology, half the things one sees today would never exist. Simplest of things around a person such as a car, a departmental store or perhaps a gas station, everything relies of softwares and technological innovations that make it possible for customers to enjoy these simple services in an effortless and seamless manner.

There are thousands of people who work behind these technical solutions and with the help of IT staffing company, more and more people are added to this world of technological innovations to keep the industry robust and agile for the modern day challenges. Without the right talent, it is impossible for companies to achieve this large scale of innovation that is put into place today by the various technology based companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and the various industry leaders that we see today.

Tech Staffing | Introduction

Tech Staffing refers to the process of recruiting technical staff for the various positions in a specific company or organisation. It is one of the highly coveted roles of an HR manager but is also one which is the toughest and the most challenging of it all. Expectation from Tec staffing is usually that there is a sea of technical able candidates in the market and it is easy to source employees for the various jobs in a company. But reality is far from it. Even though there are thousands who graduate every year from various colleges and universities or switching from one job to another, finding technical staff for IT and Technology based positions is difficult today in the industry because of the following reasons:

  • Competition

There are too many IT and Technology based companies in the market today than a decade ago and the numbers are soaring every single day or month, which means that the candidates have that many options to choose from making the HR’s job tough

  • Competitive Advantage

Almost all companies are now offering a very competitive salary and package which means that an HR has only so much power in luring candidates to their company in comparison to others

  • Knowledge and Skill

Many candidates that are now in the market are quite similar and very few have what it takes to make for the next best thing in the technology world. Most such candidates are highly sought after or maybe already employed with other organisations

  • Lack of a Platform

Job sites are not always the best way to look for candidates as most candidates may not be actively seeking a job or could not be able to seek a job while they are still employed because of their agreements making it hard for HR managers to tap into the right base

These are some of the challenges faced by HR and recruiters everywhere in the world. This is where an IT staffing company comes into play. These dedicated recruitment companies have taps on all the best databases from which candidates can be sourced, even those who are passive in the market currently. A good IT staffing company goes beyond just sourcing candidates but can also fulfil various other roles of an HR team such as:

  • Screening
  • Vetting Candidates
  • Setting up interviews
  • Negotiations
  • Hiring formalities

Helps organisations to curb attrition of candidates etc