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One Security app


Security and privacy is absolutely essential to all us humans. Not only out there in the real world, but also with the development of technology, the necessity for security in the digital world has raised.  

According to standards of information security, all of our digital assets must be secured in order to protect their confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Due to the development of technology and the advancement of mobile phones, numerous apps are in use to perform chores. Banking, shopping, studying, transactions, social media, online portals, you name it and there seems to be an app to serve the purpose.

When performing activities on these it is necessary that the sensitive and personal data we provide are at no risk. However, due to hackers, spoofing attacks, ransomware, and other methods of theft, our digital assets remain unsafe. Furthermore, due to the unnecessary number of files and junk piling up on your device, the performance and punctuality of your device degrades rapidly. In order to avoid this, One Dot Mobile Limited has developed the ‘One Security’ app that has all your smart devices need, all in one.

About One Security Apk

The app allows you to maintain privacy and safety of your smartphone while keeping it performing at its optimal level. The app will send you alerts of any risky apps with adware and other malware so that you know that you’re always kept safe.

The app provides much more than an antivirus protection. The app will intelligently diagnose all of the functions on your device and notify you of any risky malware while cleaning out junk files and improving your device’s performance. The app comes with battery saving, CPU cooling, and phone boosting features all in one! All you got to do is a simple tap on your screen and the job is done.

The antivirus on the app will scan for any type of viruses and threats by scanning all files, apps, spyware, web, and all other sources to ensure your devices and information’s security. This way, you no longer have to worry about your data’s safety because one security app is on the guard! The app will also very intelligently scan all of the unnecessary files such as cache, duplicates, residual files, and others to clean out and provide you with more storage space for what’s important.

The app will remove all of the apps running on your phone’s background and help attain more space, and battery power. By cooling down your CPU you can ensure more screen time without your battery draining or your device turning into a furnace! 

All it takes is one app and a simple tap on your screen to get the job done. One security app, just like its mentioned above, will take care of your device’s safety and performance at ease.

Security of a phone is not only having an Antivirus. It is about having all the features like junk cleaner, CPU Cleaner, Booster, RAM cleaner, etc. There are only few such tools on Google play store like Clean Master, AVG Cleaner, CCleaner, Phone Master, NOX Cleaner. You can install any of those tools for free.

All you got to do is sit back and enjoy the best experience of your mobile phone at the comfort of your own fingertips. No more worrying about unsafety of your device!

Download One Security App for Android

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