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Jungle Adventures 2 for TV


Games have been one of the most popular ways to make people relax. In the past most games were played out in the open. However, in the present insufficient time has restricted outdoor games. And thankfully game apps have made their way.

To bring in that ultimate joy and adrenaline filled adventure is the Jungle Adventures 2 app. It does not carry ads assuring non interruption from beginning to end of play. One major game with many more games are featured giving a wider option of choice. Here’s a brief about this app, with imagination to run through the main adventure.

About Jungle Adventures 2 Game

This jungle is very famous. It’s full of fruits of many varieties thereby referred to as the fruity jungle. The mighty magician is up to no good. He has stolen all the fruits with nothing spared to become immortal. In a nearby community settlement is Addu, known to be a fearless explorer who dares to adventure in the jungle. 

Addu’s faithful and inseparable companion is his pet Bullian. The people of this settlement have called upon Addu to bring back the stolen fruits. And only Addu is capable of undertaking this dangerous and risky assignment. Here goes hero Addu and Bullian in search of the stolen fruits. Fruity jungle’s landscape is varied. It got mountainous, stones, rock caves, water pools terrain.

As Addu steps into the jungle and sees how bare the fruit trees are, he plucks up more courage and determination to get hold of the mighty magician and the fruits. Oops! a big pool of water needs crossing. Addu ties a rope around Bullian’s body and holding tightly starts wading through the water.

Going is good. Ah! a current is felt. Fortunately, there is a rock formation close by and with much effort gets onto the rock. After some time with the water current fading away, they’re begin to cross the waters. Just stepping on the hard ground Addu spots a dangerous crock in the way. Throwing stones, he manages to get the crock moving and clear the passage.

Few distance away are two mountains next to each other with a large valley between. Addu is so weary decides to climb at the dawn of light next day after resting. And after reaching the mountain top he is sure of the magician been there in the valley. Leave it to you to finish off the rest of this adventure with your imagination to fulfil the task of the adventure undertaken.

This marvellous Jungle Adventures 2 app has been awarded the 24 FPS Best Game Design award, in recognition of its super design. With this app installed in your personal smart device you got a winner.

Now be that super jungle exploring hero and choose the adventure of your choice and experience the ultimate

satisfaction of your heroic efforts to overcome the many obstacles in your way to come out been that conqueror and become a famous member like Tarzan of the adventure hero’s inner circle.

Install Jungle Adventures 2 Game

First download and install latest version of AppLinked App. AppLinked is a TV app installer used to install Android games. Anyone can create an app store using AppLinked. You can download Jungle Adventures 2 apk and upload it to AppLinked store. Then use AppLinked code for that store to install on your TV. Support all Android TV boxes and Fire TV devices. There are many AppLinked alternatives like FileSynced, Aptoide TV and UnLinked. You can choose your favourite.