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Jeff Lerner Biography, education, Musical Journey and Net Worth

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Jeff Lerner is the author of Entre Establishment, an online education Company zeroing in on developing Entrepreneurial skills.

Who is Jeff Lerner?

Jeff Lerner was brought into the world in 1979 in Houston, Texas, USA. Lerner is an artist turned business person and force to be reckoned with. He was a musician who additionally functioned as a Musical chief at Better Being Awful, LLC. Lerner began a few Companys during his 20s yet couldn’t make progress toward the start of his enterprising vocation. He later tasted achievement in an advanced office Xurli which he established in 2013. He sold Xurli in 2018 and made Entre Foundation in 2019.
Jeff Lerner is an American sequential business person, coach, speaker, powerhouse, and piano player. He is the originator of Entre Company, which gives direction to business visionaries on the best way to grow their Companys in the Marketing world. Lerner is viewed as a productive originator who is known for his critical thinking approach and has assembled numerous Companys that have above and beyond 8 figures of pay.

Early life and education

During his twenties, Lerner filled in as a musician and was regularly approached to perform for affluent Presidents and friends pioneers as a piano player. It required very nearly a time of exertion for him to make progress, yet when he was 29 he at last found web accomplishment later numerous times of trying and various ineffective Companys. One of those had left him $500,000 owing debtors, which he paid off In only a year and a half.

His Struggles

In any case, his present-day notoriety as an online advertiser master wasn’t without thistles. He confronted chapter 11 of every 2018 that brought about him living in his ex’s parent’s room—the huge obligation involved $500 thousand he overwhelmed from his bombed Companys and two café establishments. Feeling crushed, Lerner even took a piano stretch to facilitate his monetary circumstance. Notwithstanding, he fizzled at this as a result of a physical issue.

First Job

At 16, Jeff Lerner labored for a very long time for lawful secretaries in the inventory room at a law office. In a meeting with John Livesay, Lerner shared that lawful secretaries during the mid-1990s used to move easily from now on lawyers to their secretaries to other staff. He shared that he had confronted misuse while working there. He was terminated within three weeks from joining later he disrespected a secretary.

Choosing Music as a Career

Lerner before long chose to turn into an artist. He considered turning into a performer as an exceptionally essential choice. Clarifying why he picked his way towards music, he noted, “It wasn’t similar to I had some profound yearning to communicate my thoughts through the inventive expressions. It was a greater amount of like, “What do I know currently that I’m great at it and I can form into a substantial, adapted ability?” “
He knew to play guitar before. Yet, Lerner then, at that point, understood that he would not get sufficient work assuming his expertise was restricted to guitar. Thus, he went bad-to-the-bone into piano and began learning piano genuinely at 17 years old.

Dropping Out of High School

Lerner shared that he rehearsed however much he could, for 8 to 10 hours consistently, and it took him three years to turn out to be adequate to get a grant at the university level. He went to the College of Houston and sought after a Single guy of Expressive arts.

As per Lerner, it took him right around ten years to complete school, yet he graduated with a BFA degree in Jazz, Piano Execution, and Music Hypothesis and Synthesis. He likewise minored in Money.

At the college, he turned into the main seat piano player. He was additionally occupied with the Stuart Ostrow Establishment’s Musical Theater Lab, a non-benefit, proficient studio for unique Musical theater.

Musical Journey

After coming to a level to play piano expertly, he began getting recruited for gigs. From 2005 to 2008, he filled in as a Musical chief at Better Being Terrible, LLC. During that time, he composed the Musical score for full-length two Musical demonstrations and coordinated different creations, including studio creations to foster the off-Broadway show. Likewise, he chipped away at Companys, trained entertainers, vocalists, and artists. He likewise co-featured in one of the creations. He decided to turn into an effective piano player and performer to get more cash flow. Notwithstanding, when he understood that he was unable to get more cash flow than anticipated, he quit music and set out on an enterprising Journey expecting to get more cash flow.

Beginning of Entrepreneurial Journey

During his 20s, Lerner was regularly employed to play in the homes of effective Presidents, including extremely rich people. He likewise used to ask about their lives and vocations. Being comfortable with the possibility of business and the discussions he had with effective finance managers, Lerner got motivated by them and chose to go into business.

In 2002, he established 2:20 Speculation Gathering, LLC. furthermore began putting resources into private investment properties in Texas, Utah, Georgia, and Ohio with sensible rates of return. In 2004, he helped to establish a versatile promoting firm called WHAMmobile in Houston, Texas.

He began different Companys all through his 20s, attempting to get more cash-flow than he was making as a musician. He had likewise acquired countless dollars to open two eateries. In any case, later a few business disappointments, he arrived in with regards to a large portion of 1,000,000 dollars in the red at 29.

As per Lerner, in 2007, he was in an incredible downturn and observed his business and life were self-destructing. He was ousted from his loft and needed to live with his ex’s folks. He reviewed that he was a “discouraged, overweight, and broke jazz artist, living in his ex’s extra room, stowing away from loan bosses, confronting chapter 11, and with almost $500,000 of obligation,” in 2008.

It was difficult for him to reside in his ex’s parent’s home. Thus, he used to stow away in his room. In any case, he kept on searching for ways of bringing in cash by riding the web on the PC.

Achieving Success in Digital Marketing

Lerner then, at that point, chose to acquire Marketing skills and use them to assist the business with developing. He additionally acquired an MBA degree to gain proficiency with the method of dealing with a business all the more successfully.

In June 2013, he established an advanced office and a product Company called Xurli. He immediately tracked down achievements in online business and took care of the obligation in a year and a half. His Company before long became large, with more than 50 individuals giving advanced Marketing administrations to the north of 10,000 customers. The Company additionally made $30 million in deals in 2017 and 2018, arriving on the INC 5000 rundown as one of the quickest developing privately owned businesses in the US.

Selling Xurli and Starting Training Company

Lerner sold Xurli in 2018 and began his own preparation Company, Entre Foundation, in July 2019 with a mission to assist individuals with understanding their fantasies and making monetary progress in their life. According to his LinkedIn profile, Entre Institute has selected north of 150,000 understudies within two years of its initiation.

Jeff Lerners Training Company
Jeff Lerners Training Company

Afterward, he established a product Company called Entresoft in June 2021.
In a meeting with Mint in September 2021, Lerner shared that he expected to increase his Entre Institute to $100 million in income and dispatch programming Companys later on.

Entre Institute & Training Program

Entre Company is a preparation program made by Lerner that educates and guides hopeful business visionaries through the beginning and running an internet promoting Company. The Company, which charges itself as a “complete biological Program” for turning into a fruitful business visionary, offers understudies training, programming, instructing, local area, and live occasions. In any case, at Lerner’s demand, the Entre Foundation’s instructing must be conveyed by genuine business people who have created effective firms.

In 2021, the foundation originators, Lerner and Adam Whiting got the “Two Comma Club C Honor,” considered as the $50MM release, at the ClickFunnels yearly occasion Pipe Hacking Live 2021. The honor is devoted to people who have had momentous accomplishments in online deal funnels.

“I characteristic my prosperity to the way that I accepted counsel from the people who succeeded themselves,” Lerner said. “In any event, when I was out for the count, attempting to exist on a jazz artist’s check, I would try conversing with the well-off individuals who employed me and asking them for guidance. This is a propensity I’ve never outgrown, and it’s the justification for why I demand my understudies just pay attention to individuals who know what they’re saying!”

Podcast and YouTube

On 6 April 2020, Lerner dispatched his Podcast Open Your Latent capacity (recently known as Mogul Insider facts) to teach and enable individuals on their unusual way towards monetary achievement and opportunity. In the digital recording, he shares his examples of overcoming adversity and meeting fruitful individuals who have taken a modern way towards riches, wealth, and opportunity. Lerner has run 190 episodes as of November 2021.

Lerner likewise has a YouTube channel, in which he distributes his digital recording content, instructive and engaging recordings about close to home and monetary development, and some more.

wife and kids

Lerner has been hitched to his significant other, Jaqueline Lerner, since June 2012. Two or three has four kids: Brax Lerner and Jace Lerner, and two little girls: Jada Lerner and Stella Jane Lerner. Their oldest child Brax moved on from High school in May 2021. A few have likewise teamed up for an episode of their webcast show Mogul Mysteries, where they discussed nurturing.

What is Jeff Lerner’s Net Worth?

Even though Jeff Lerner’s Net Worth stays undisclosed, his site reports he diverted his life around from a broke jazz artist and proceeded to make $50 million in online deals income. In addition, as per a November 2021 article from EIN Press wire, his Company has developed from a solitary online course with 14 individuals to an overall enterprise with more than 50,000 paid understudies and a business focus of $100 million every year in only two years.

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