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How to watch Instagram live anonymously in 2022?  (5 methods)


Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms right now. People prefer using it over other social networking platforms because of its features and privacy.

You can also go live on Instagram so your followers can join in and have a live conversation with you. However, there are times when you would choose to watch Instagram live in secret without the other person knowing.

To learn more about how to watch Instagram live anonymously, read this article.

How to Watch Instagram live anonymously?

If you are struggling with the question, the answer is: Yes, there are methods you can watch Instagram live anonymously. Although, there is no technique listed on their official page.

Before going further into how to watch live on Instagram without being seen, you should know that Instagram does not allow users to view live broadcasts without logging into their Instagram accounts.

Following are some of the methods listed to help you watch Instagram live anonymously:

1. Change your username and display your name 

The quickest, easiest, and most straightforward way to watch Instagram anonymously is to change your Username. To avoid being identified, you can change your Username and display name to anything random.

When you watch someone’s IG live video, your identity will be hidden if you change your Username.

1. Select “Edit Profile” under your Instagram profile to alter your Username.

How to watch Instagram live anonymously in 2022?  (5 methods)

2. After that, remove the previous Username and type the new Username.

How to watch Instagram live anonymously in 2022?  (5 methods)

3. Change the name to anything random

4. To save the changes, tap on the Right Tick icon in the top right corner.

You can now watch Instagram live streaming anonymously.

2. Use your family or friends’ accounts

You can also sign into your phone using a member of your family’s ID or the account a family member has on his phone.

This will enable you to watch someone’s Instagram Live Videos without their noticing who you are. It is possible if you use your friend’s login information, sign in to their account, and then follow the person you want to.

3. Create a new account

There are times when you cannot change your existing Username. That’s what happens when you change your Instagram username quite often. If you recently changed your IG username within 60 days, you cannot change it once the duration completes. 

In such a situation, you can create a new account to watch Instagram live videos anonymously. Once you complete watching your desired video, you can delete your new account. You will need a contact number and a spare email address to create a new Instagram account. 

How to Create a New Instagram Account?

Follow these steps if you want to create another Instagram account:

  1.  Go to your profile.
  2.  Look for the three-lined icon in the top right corner and click it.
How to watch Instagram live anonymously in 2022?  (5 methods)
  1.  Click on Settings.
  2. Scroll down. Tap the Add or Switch accounts option.
  3. Now click Add Account.
How to watch Instagram live anonymously in 2022?  (5 methods)

You’ll be given two options, of which you have to choose to Create a New Account.  

Follow the person whose live video you want to watch anonymously after creating a new account. When the creator starts the live video, switch to your old account,  go back to your new account, and watch the live video.

4. Watch the video after it is completed

Instagram can save the broadcasted video as an IGTV video. After the live broadcast, the creator can save the video to IGTV. You can watch a video they saved as an IGTV video without them knowing.

How to watch someone’s Instagram Live after it has ended?

Only if they shared it in the video section of their profile can you see their live video on Instagram after it has ended. To see their live video once it has concluded, you must consider doing the given steps: 

  1. Open your device’s Instagram application.
  2. Search for the profile you wish to view the live video on.
  3. Find the ended live videos by tapping the Video tab of that profile.
How to watch Instagram live anonymously in 2022?  (5 methods)
  1. You will watch their live video in this section if they post it on Instagram. 

5. Use Website tools to watch Instagram live anonymously (Not recommended)

You can watch Instagram live videos on several websites without the users’ knowledge. The app requests the user’s Username before generating a random username for you. The live video can then be viewed directly on the website.

However, we do not recommend using this approach. Still, before showing the live video, you will be required to perform many tasks, like watching an advertisement or clicking on random links that take you to spammy websites.

Many of us will find this kind of content lock annoying and don’t want it. So it’s best to avoid such websites. You could use a different approach that was previously described.

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If your friends use Instagram, you would be interested in watching their live broadcasts. On the other hand, you don’t want people to know that you, too, are a member of a well-known social network. Or you don’t want to disclose your identity to that specific person. So your question is whether there is a method to attempt in any case while being anonymous.

Sadly, Instagram does not permit users to watch Instagram Live anonymously. The person you are watching will be able to see your Username in the list of viewers each time you watch their IG live. There are a couple of methods, nevertheless, by which you can get around this issue.

We hope you found this information and now know how to Watch Instagram live anonymously.


How to watch Instagram live anonymously in 2022?

Do one of the following things if you want to keep your identity a secret:

  • Create another account.
  • Change your username temporarily.
  • Use your friend’s account.

Can people see what IG live I’m watching? 

If someone else watches a user’s live video, Instagram won’t notify them. However, they will appear under the list of viewers among those who watched the live when it was actually “live.”