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Facebook Profile Is Blank: Does It Mean Blocked Or Deactivated 2022?


Seeing someone’s blank profile picture on Facebook can be confusing especially if you have previously interacted with them. You could be wondering if the profile is deactivated or if there is a technical error. It can be more daunting if your only contact with that person is online.

This article will cover the common reason for Facebook Profile Is Blank.

Facebook Blank Profile 2022: What Does It Me?

On Facebook, a blank profile picture signifies that the user has blocked you or that they have deleted or deactivated their account. The person also has the option of hiding their profile photo from others. Someone hacked their account and removed their profile picture is another possible reason. Let’s find out more about it!

Possible Reason Why You Can’t See Pictures On Facebook

For a while now, Facebook users have been reporting that “Facebook profile went blank” 

These are the main reasons why you can’t see profile pictures on Facebook:

# 1 Network Problem

You might have had a network issue if you couldn’t see Facebook pictures. Even though it hasn’t happened in a while, it now occurs frequently.

If your network is poor, viewing your Facebook friend’s profile and other pictures will take time, or photos will not upload.

For this, check your internet provider and reconnect to the internet. Also, you can change your site to access a good network in another location if you have this issue.

#2. Mobile App Malfunctioning

Due to a malfunction in your mobile application, you might not be able to see your friend’s profile picture or other pictures on Facebook.

The malfunction specifically occurs in  Facebook Lite and the Facebook mobile applications where you may see a blank profile picture.

Android users can update their Facebook Lite or Facebook mobile application on Google Play Store. The same function is also available on the Apple iOS App Store for iPhone users.

#3. You are Blocked

When a person blocks you on Facebook, you cannot see their Facebook profile pictures or other images. But you may still be able to chat with them there if you are not blocked on Facebook Messenger.

If there is nothing harsh between you two, you can ask them to unblock to fix this issue as soon as you find out.

#4. Your Facebook Friends Just Set Their Profile As Private

You know that you can set your Facebook profile as private on Facebook, right?

By setting your profile picture to Private, you are in control of choosing who will view your Facebook profile picture. 

Your Facebook friend may have set their profile to Private. There are chances that they didn’t choose you among those who can access their profile picture and other information about our Facebook profile. In that case, you won’t be able to see any of their profile pictures.

#5. Your Friend Deactivated Their Account

Since Facebook allows all users to deactivate their accounts, your friend may have deleted their account temporarily and permanently.

If your friend has deactivated their account, you won’t be able to view your Facebook friend’s profile picture or any other pictures on their timeline.

Have They Blocked Me On Messenger?

Facebook messenger is an incredible way to communicate with your friends, as you can chat boundlessly. That live call feature available on the latest version of Facebook Messenger is remarkable. But when it says unable to send messages and shows an error, it’s pretty annoying.

What if you got blocked on Facebook messenger by someone? You can confirm it in two ways.

This person either blocked you during the chat or deactivated his profile. As a matter of priority, refresh the messenger app and look at what appears in that person’s name.

Your app won’t load and will show the same message if there is a connection error. You cannot be sure that he blocked you in such a case.

However, if you see “Facebook User” next to that name, that may be why he blocked you. We need to do another test to check it, and then we can say this is the actual case.

Open the person’s profile URL in the incognito window of the desktop or mobile browser while logged out to confirm. If you find that one, you are blocked; if not, the user has deactivated his Facebook profile. It is simple.

A person has blocked you on Chat or Messenger but not Facebook if you cannot send them messages but may still do other stuff on their timeline. He can unblock you anytime because you are still on his friend list.

Is it possible to see a blocked user’s future posts?

Facebook Profile Is Blank: Does It Mean Blocked Or Deactivated?

No. If someone blocks you, you will no longer be able to find that person. You would not see it if comments and likes were made on any posts. It is completely hidden as if you cannot access the person on Facebook.

If you find out that you are not blocked but can still not see their profile, try logging in with another ID. If the person’s profile doesn’t show up in another ID either, they have deactivated their account. It is also possible that they have set privacy Only Friends Of Friends.

Wrap up

Many people use Facebook, a popular social networking site, to connect with their loved ones, friends, and coworkers.

Facebook profile pictures play an essential role in identifying each other. But what if someone changes their profile picture to a blank one? It may be confusing and sometimes annoying to you.

This either indicates the deactivation of the account or worse- they are trying to hide their identity or have blocked you. It would be tricky to find out due to new privacy updates in the app.

If you find your friend’s Facebook profile blank and flashing, try the above-mentioned techniques to know why.

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How to have a blank profile picture on Facebook?

You can either upload a blank picture or you can delete your profile photo