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Can You Hide Your Snapchat Score: A Complete Guide 2022


Can You Hide Your Snapchat Score? Today it has become a social status to maintain streaks and have a high Snapchat score. Many users try to hide their low scores on the app. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place.

Considering your total number of snaps you’ve both sent and received and the stories you’ve posted, your Snapchat score indicates how much you’ve used Snapchat.The score gets higher when you have used Snapchat.

There may be some reasons you may want to hide your score, but Sadly, by default, your Snap score is public.

This article will cover all the information you require about Can You Hide Your Snapchat Score.

Can you hide your Snapchat score?

Unfortunately, There doesn’t appear to be a method to keep your Snapchat score hidden from your friends completely.

This is a little annoying because Snapchat has a lot of other privacy options that let you restrict who can interact with you in certain ways. For example, you can block people who aren’t your friends from messaging you or even most stories that only certain people can see.

However, there isn’t an option for anything similar about your Snap score. Nevertheless, even if someone is actively watching it, you can take steps to hide your Snapchat usage. Your options will vary depending on why you want to hide your Snapchat score.

Listed below are different methods to hide your Snapchat score; let’s look at them individually.

How To Hide Snap Score 2022

There are many younger audiences on Snapchat. Although it lacks some privacy features, it enables various entertaining filters for posting animated and funny messages to friends. For instance, keeping your Snapchat Score hidden from strangers is challenging. Fear not; there is a solution here!

Note: Don’t to be confused with the Snapchat streak and the Snap score. The first one will maintain a list of every contact you’ve added to the app.

The latter is the number of snaps you’ve shared with friends.

How To Hide Snapchat Score From Friends and Unknown People?

By following these 2 methods, you can hide your Snapchat score if you don’t like to brag about your achievements.

Method 1: Remove a friend

  1. Open Snapchat and select a friend from the list of friends.
  1. Click on their Bitmoji. 
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  1. Select Menu (represented by three horizontal dots) in the top-right corner of the new screen you are shown.
  1. Go to Manage Friendship
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  1. Select Remove Friend from the list of options that is now displayed.

Method 2: Change the profile visibility settings

  1. In the upper-right corner, tap your Bitmoji to open Settings (pictured as a gear-shaped symbol).
  2. Scroll down and click the Contact Me button in the Who Can section.
  3. The visibility options should now be changed from Everyone to My Friends.

This will keep strangers from seeing your Snapchat score.

Don’t Be Afraid To Block People

As mentioned at this article’s beginning, anyone added as your friend will be able to see your Snap score.

They will, however, be unable to view your Snap score if you remove or block them. Even if someone still has you added or sent you a friend request, this is still true.

You both need to be friends for the Snap score to be displayed. If not, they will be able to view your profile but not see your Snap score.

Therefore, block them if they are bothering you.

Stalkers should not be a part of your life; you are better off without these people.

You should also report the person to Snapchat and possibly get in touch with Snapchat support if you are experiencing harassment on the app.

Use these steps to block someone on Snapchat:

  1. Log onto the Snapchat app.
  2. Look up the person on your friend’s list or the Recents page.
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  1. Press and hold their name for a moment.
  1. Tap “Block.”
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  1. When the confirmation screen appears, tap “Block” a second time.

If you want to block the user, you should report them before blocking them because doing so will remove them from your Recents page.

Make A 2nd Snapchat Account.

As an alternative, you might create another Snapchat account.

As long as you have separate emails for each of your Snapchat accounts, Snapchat allows you to use multiple accounts.

If you have different emails for each of your Snapchat accounts, Snapchat allows you to use more than one account.

Hence, you can use Snapchat as much as you like on your new account without the other person knowing about it by opening a new Snapchat account.

But remember that one factor in Snapchat’s ‘Quick Add’ algorithm is mutual friends.

Can You Lower Your Snapchat Score?

Your Snapchat score cannot be decreased in any way.  Also, it won’t drop if you stop sending and receiving snaps or go inactive on the app. It will be idle.

This is it. Now block or unfriend your friends to hide your Snapchat score from them. Keep sending snaps to your friends if you want your Snapchat score to increase. You must unfriend the person or block them on Snapchat to hide your Snapchat score.

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There is no way to keep your friends from seeing your Snapchat score.

The Snap score is an arbitrary feature that has no actual purpose. It’s fun to look at other people’s scores, but there aren’t many more benefits to it.

However, having a clear record of how much you use Snapchat can be problematic for some users. This was a brief guide on how to keep your Snapchat snap score hidden from friends. You can hide your snap score from users you don’t know if you carefully follow the instructions. 


Does ghost mode hide your snap score? 

No, ghost mode doesn’t hide your snap score.

How to hide followers on Snapchat?

You must unfriend the person or block them on Snapchat to hide your Snapchat score.

Did Snapchat take away snap scores?

No, Snapchat still has this feature on their app.