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Alfonso Cuarón is at the top for best short film for Le Pupille


One of the most expected moments for film lovers are almost always the Oscar nominations, since they show the best of the best works made for the screen during the prior year and set the bar very high for the productions that will come in the future.

At the beginning of 2023, the list of the Oscar nominees came out and we are happily surprised to see that Alfonso Cuarón is at the top for best short film for Le Pupille, a 40 minute film about some girls during WWII.

Cuarón is a creator that has never left us unsatisfied with his productions, on the contrary, he is the kind that always surprise us with stories that can go from being magical to mysterious, classic stories, love stories and even some irreverent moments with perfect timing.

Le Pupille, which he coproduced with the Italian Alice Rohrwacher, is a short film about the life of some girls in an Italian orphanage from the early 20th Century, while outside the war breaks out and they begin to understand the situation related to the innocence, while deep down they challenge the role of the Church, the lies and hypocrisy that is not talked about but is read between the lines.

Alfonso Cuarón has already won an Oscar for best direction for Gravity (2013) and for Roma (2018), besides accumulating many other awards from the most important festivals in the world.

Le Pupille is competing with 4 other films for the award; however, it has enormous possibilities to win, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it won.

And speaking of Cuarón, his son Olmo Cuarón who is currently only 18 years old, has expressed his interest in dedicating himself to animation in films, foe which his parents have encouraged him to study and try to create his first works.

Olmo Cuarón publishes his work in https://www.youtube.com/@watgh,  a channel in which we can see that he has inherited all of his parents’ talent, and for sure we will soon start to see his participation in different productions professionally.

Olmo Cuarón has two siblings, Bu and Jonás, who also are dedicated to creative activities, he in films and her in music, so it is expected that the youngest one of the three follow the same steps of his family.